How to choose the right plumber

Engaging a plumber or any tradesman can be daunting but don’t let it be. With a few simple tips you can make your decision a lot easier. Ensuring you call out the right tradesman from the beginning will save you time, money and headache.

1. Are they licensed?

Whether it be a plumber, electrician or builder, do you have a license?

2. Are they insured?

Don’t compromise on insurance. Everyone running a business requires insurance.

3. Obtain a quote

You are entitled to know what you are paying for and what service you will receive.

4. What are others saying?

Turn to places where reviews are left and see what the public has to say about their services.

5. Branded

When they turn up is their vehicle sign written? Are they wearing a uniform with their business name? Do they introduce themselves politely and listen to what you have to say?

6. Beware of tradesmen who offer cheaper for cash

Tradesmen who offer cheaper for cash are putting your property at risk as you will not be covered by insurance if something goes wrong.