Tree roots and drainage systems

Being a maintenance plumber one of the most common callouts we find are blocked drains. These are a homeowner’s worst nightmare and most homeowners say, “I didn’t realize how important our drainage system was until our drains blocked”.

The most likely cause of a blocked drain within South Australia is the result of excess tree root intrusion. Roots enter the drainage system through cracks and breaks. Once the roots enter the drains they are fed by the sewerage which is constantly flowing through and they eventually grow faster and into bigger sections of pipes. If the roots are not regularly removed from the drainage system the roots grow thicker and cause more strain to your pipes that can cause further damage.

There are several ways to remove roots from your drains but depending on your system as to what method will be right. Plumbers drain cleaning methods include Electric eel, Hydro Jet Drain Cleaner, CCTV inspect and locate the faulty section which can be cut out and replaced with new pipe or even relined.

Roots in your drains can cost you a fortune so speak to a drain professional and see what method will be right for you.